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Chef Focus: HIX Restaurants


Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes are a proud supplier to a number of the Hix Restaurant group. This season we are excited to have our Chef Focus interview with Kevin Gratton who is Mark Hix’s Right Hand Man.

Mark Hix is the owner and founder of the Hix Restaurants which he formed in 2008. There are now Seven Hix Restaurants and more Hix projects. Hix Restaurants can be found in London and Lyme Regis. Mark is also an accomplished food writer with columns in Esquire magazine, The Independent and is an author of a number of cookbooks.
Kevin Gratton has worked as a chef in London since 1991. Kevin met Mark Hix early on and has worked closely with him for many years. Kevin has been with Mark from the beginning of the Hix Restaurants in 2008, starting in Hix Soho. Kevin is the Group Head Chef and oversees all the kitchens in the business including his first, Hix Soho

Questions & Answers

When did you begin your adventure as a chef and who was your biggest influence at that time?

first job in London 1991, working for Marco, weeks trial at harveys then opening the canteen

What is your personal favourite dish you love to cook at home?

all depends on my mood, the weather etc, so at the minute its asparagus in some form every other day!

Which is your favourite dish using Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes?

without doubt, baked …….potato with Mottra sterlet caviar

7 Kevin, you have been to visit us at Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes, can you tell our readers a little more about your experiences and what you enjoyed about your visit?

beautiful part of the world, very well run and an eye opener to see the hard work going into the whole production from seeding to delivery…the tennis aint bad also!

What has been your most enjoyable experience during your careers?

: the opportunity to travel and cook has been amazing…Hixy and I have been everywhere over the years…Tokyo, Moscow, LA…and more. Off to Ballymaloe Ireland next week for Litfest!

Finally, is there a piece of kitchen equipment you cannot live without?

Kevin: we don’t really use much Hi-Tech kit in Hix, but we cook a lot of big cuts of steak, a lot on the bone. We inherited a Montague broiler in one of our sites, and with some minor modifications id have one in every kitchen I do in future