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Fine food writer Jenny Linford turns her attention to the humble spud in all it’s versatile glory in 65 delicious recipes in her new book ‘Potatoes‘. Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes were very proud to work with Jenny and feature in her new recipe book.

Jenny is a member of the Guild of Food Writers and author of fifteen books, ranging from cookery books to ingredient guides. She has written for The Guardian, Time Out’s Eating Out guides and The Times. Mrs Portly’s kitchen reports they “trust anything that comes from her pen and her kitchen”.

In her new book Jenny explores the history and cultivation of the potato as well as the affection in which it is held by so many across the globe. Jenny writes in her introduction “there’s a friendly quality to the potato” which rings true being the world’s fourth most favourite and stable food crop.

Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes were very pleased to be represented in Jenny’s fantastic new recipe book. Jenny shares are enthusiasm for the 16 varieties we produce and was interested to hear how we first discovered them. See the interview in full in ‘Meet the potato farmers’ chapter p.135. Jenny ploys her readers to “seek out heritage varieties…the diverse world of the potato is well worth exploring and much good eating is offered en-route!”.


Jenny’s recipes range from irresistible Indian spiced potatoes to luxurious potato canapes, croquettes with salsa verde to firm classics like rosemary garlic potatoes. We definitely recommend trying the Seafood New Potato Salad using our LINDA variety, perfect waxy flesh you’d want for a potato salad.

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A firm favourite of Carroll’s heritage potatoes is Jenny’s Hasselback potatoes which we would recommend using our YUKON GOLD variety, which has a attractive yellow flesh and delicious flavour.

A roasted potato side side dish with chives and rosemary is prepared for Thanksgiving Day dinner in the Detroit Free Press test kitchen Monday, Nov. 14, 2016. Regina H. Boone/Detroit Free Press

We look forward to seeing what Jenny does next. Get your copy of ‘Potatoes’ and we have no doubt you’ll be using Jenny’s recipes again and again. Happy cooking!

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