The Latest from Carroll's Heritage Potatoes

Purple Potatoes, Harvesting, and Culinary Creations

Harvesting is in full swing here at Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes, which is very exciting. Everything seems to be going well so far, with all 17 varieties looking really good.

Each month I shall feature one of our varieties, and this month I have chosen the Purple potato varieties that we have grown, which include the Violetta, and Salad Blues.

Potato Council photo
The most common questions we get asked here in the office at Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes, is :

“how do they get the purple / blue colour?”  “Do you inject them with ink?”

The answer is simple, natural, and healthy by the way before you start to imagine that we spend time with food colouring!

Firstly let it be known that Purple traditionally symbolizes: royalty and blue: Trust.
Many purple foods contain ANTHOCYANINS
All brightly coloured fruit and vegetables contain ANTIOXIDANTS – compounds which play a key role in protecting our bodies – but many naturally purple-coloured foods contain a certain antioxidant called ANTHOCYANINS. These are beneficial plant pigments which give fruit and veg their deep red, purple or blue hues.
While studies are ongoing, media headlines have labeled purple foods as ‘superfoods’. Previous research has linked ANTHOCYANINS to a wide variety of health claims, including increased longevity, cardiovascular health, cancer prevention and dementia.

Our team here at Carroll’s all love our purple/ blue potatoes, and it seems our customers do too! We work with some amazing chefs, and we are grateful to them for creating the most incredible dishes.
Anthony and I try our best to eat out at the places where Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes are destined, so see below wjat we have discovered, and we look forward to discovering more. Below are some photos from some of our chefs to illustrate and celebrate just how glorious these varieties of Violatta, and Salad Blue are.
To begin we have Scott Davies’s creations at HIPCHIPS in Soho
Here are some amazing crisps all created from the coloured Heritage Varities, an served with some incredible dips such as Butternut Squash & Sesame Crunch.

Crisps on conveyor beltButernut Squash & Sesame Crunch smaller

Next we move to HIX Restaurants where Head Chef Elliot Grower has created this dish with Launceston Lamb with Spring Vegetables, and please spot the Violetta potatoes.

Hix Soho Violetta photo Launceston Lamb with Spring Veg and garlic


Now we move to Browns Restaurants where we have the most delicious and healthy Tuna Salad with Heritage Potatoes

Tuna with salad BROWNS

Head Chef Kier at The OXO Tower Brasserie serves this seafood delight with Seared Scallops and Violetta and Carroll’s Fingerling potatoes with Parma Ham

OXO Tower Restaurant Seared scallops, fingerling potatoes, sauce vierge, Parma ham crisp

As the weeks go by I shall keep adding examples of great culinary delights with the purple / blue Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes.